I’ll be indulging myself here with commentaries that will begin in response to current political miseries and probably expand to other areas of thought my roving brain gloms onto. On the other hand, nothing is not political.*

While anyone is welcome to read this blog, political thoughts are especially meant for allies in the never-ending struggle for peace, freedom and justice. My goal is to encourage critical thinking about what we’re doing. What that means should become obvious as I post thoughts.

I plan my tone, and expect that of others, to be honest, thoughtful and respectful. (This does not preclude anger or other emotions.) I welcome “corrections” (especially where readers think my own critical thinking lapses), but I won’t tolerate nastiness.**

This blog is an outgrowth of my web site (, about 10 years old, which I have found extremely cumbersome to update. I’m hoping the blog will be much easier to use.

I may experiment with a tactic of Michel de Montaigne–never (or rarely) deleting something but leaving different comments made at different times even if they seem to clash. Or maybe I won’t.

*I like to think my politics are my morals. My favorite comment on this point is Samuel Johnson’s “We are perpetually moralists but geometricians only by chance.”

**I, of course, get to decide what’s appropriate and what isn’t, but most people I know already have a pretty good sense about this.